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Novelty Fountains

Beer Barrel

Packed:18 per case
Enjoy the great performance with silver fountain, colorful tadpole, sold silk crackling, red, green, and a finale of silver laser crackling,red,green and blue.

Boombox Hero

Item#: FT612
Packed: 18 Per Case
60 Seconds of silver fountain, silver crackling w/red and green sparks, gold fountain w/silver pistil, gold crackling w/blue sparks, and strobe lights.

Home Run

Packed: 36 Pieces
Size: 23.6"x2.12"
Knock it out of the park with this handheld baseball bat displaying blue to red to silver effects.

Light Saber

This mighty sword shoots out 30 seconds of gold sparks. Take command as a daring swashbuckling display of beautiful silvery sparks emanates from the tip of this handheld Jedi's light saber.


Packed:16 per case
Feel the excitement as everyone's favorite noisy snack erupts with dynamic colorful bouquets and a frenzy of energetic crackling leading to an intense finale of giant popcorn crackle.

Pop N' Crackle

Item#: FT634
Packed: 12 per case
Size: 5.8"hx7.6"
This is one big bucket of poping white glitter, yellow stars with golden silver chrysanthemums, and blue stars and silver needles.

Smash Hit

Item#: FT642
Packed: 12 per case
Size: 7.12x 4"x 13.75"
Sensational yellow flames to multicolored stars w/silver chrysanthemums.and then chrysanthemums, to silver flowers w/crackling stars.