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Big Buddha Assortment

Item#: BX124
Packed: 1 each
Size: 53.2"(H)x29.2"(w)x9..4"(D)
Loaded with the best of the best! The Big Buddha has it all 350 & 500-gram multi-shot in 10 pieces; six boxes of single, double, and triple break shells plus you get a box of 6 6" artillery shells. You will be up till the 5th of July shooting all the fireworks in this bad boy!

Container Load

3 Artillery Shell kits, 3 packs of roman candles, 1 Pack of helicopters, 1 pk. of ground spinners, 1 pk. of fountains, 1 pack of firecrackers, 5 200 mg. cakes,5 heavy weight cakes.

Master Class

Item#: BX116
Packed: 1bx with 12 Pieces
A classic assortment of all-time best-selling Brothers products.

New Master Class

Packed:17 Items per box
Carefully selected aerial cakes and fully loaded 60 gams cylinder reloadble shells, all packed into a single 4 color printed shipping carton ready for the display shelves.

The Max

This is the biggest assortment in brothers product line. 782 shots with 8000 grams of powder. Weight:114Lbs.

The Works

Packed:4 per case
Brothers assortment of single ball artillery, cakes, fountains, snappers, single shots and ground bloom flowers among other exciting items!

Good Vibes Pack

Item#: BG112
Packed: 12 packs per case
A small assortment featuring four all new 200gram multi-shot aerials totaling 32 shots for a fun backyard display.

July 4th Bag Assortment

Item#: BG107
Packed: 6 pieces per case
Size: 19.5"x11.5"x 4.5"
This bag assortment is just big enough to give you what you need for a backyard celebration!, artillery shells, multi-shots, and fountains.

Fireworks Junkie

Item#: TR148
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 39.5"Hx19.75"Wx2.25"D
The new Fireworks Junkie is loaded for a full night of fireworks fun for the whole family.

Galaxy Rocket Assortment

Item#: TR134
Packed: 6 per case
Size: 30"x12.5"x1.5"
This is everything you could ask for in a large rocket assortment, whistling rockets, smiley face, reports, parachute, star & effect rockets.

Pyro Van

Packed: 6 Units
Assorted Safe & Sane items for a more tame night of enjoyment plus when you're finished celebrating the kids have a van with rolling wheels to keep them occupied!