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Reloadable's (Artillery Shells)

Not For The Weak

All we do is to assure you each 5inch canister shell inside this pack be the loudest and loud enough to wake the dead! Whatever effect!

Redneck Bubba 6"

1.75 *6” 60g , double break series
1.Gold willow + Red with white strobe 2. Red wave with crackle + white strobe  3.Red wave with white strobe + Time rain 4. Brocade crown + gold strobe 5.Red to white strobe + blue peony 6. red blue peony + purpe green peony

The General

12 Assorted hard smacking, ear busting,and thrilling artillery shells sure to amaze.

Bang Bang Artillery

Item#: RL118
Packed: 4 Boxes (
Size: 8.68"x6.12"x15.16"
This 6" shell is a fully loaded double-break shell. Double the breaks and you double the noise and excitment  12 shots with 24 different effects so that's 24 total breaks. This bad boy rocks the night!

Brave New World

Packed:4Bxs. per case
24 Shots of neon excitment to light up your display, twenty-four different effects with brilliant neon colors, all new in 60 gram reloaders.

Conqueror 24 Shot

A 60 gram shell with 24 different and specular effects. This is one of  the largest artillery shell on the market.


Item#: RL133
Packed: 4 Units
Size: 30.2"x8.7"x7.5"
This 6 inch shells deliver the maximum impact! 24 assorted effects so you never shoot the same effect twice, brocades of green, crimson, silver strobes, jumbo chrysanthemums, red palms and crackling willows w/pink effects, just to name a few. Very impressive new shell from Hot.

Dragons Wrath

Item#: RL111
Packed: 4 Each
Size: 28.9"x8.6"x6.1"
 24 Shots of assorted 60 gram "Nishiki Kamuro Bursts" that are sure to impress and awe.

Extraction 6"&7"

Item#: RL119
Packed: 3 per case
12 Big 6" shells and 12 even larger 7" shells with 24 different effects that cover all bases; this is the ultimate assortment of shells, sure to please any pyro!

Game Of Conquest

Item#: RL125
Packed:6 Units
Size: 27.2"x6.25"x5.5"
12 Shots of 5" assorted 60-gram shells, each shell has a different effect such as red palm w/Nishiki kamuro with silver strobe, green palm, and Nishiki kamuro with red strobe, blue and red lace w/ti-golden willow horsetail, just to name a few. Power and beauty in each shot, truly breathtaking.


Item#: RL144
Size: 30.2"x8.7"x7.5"
The Gladiator rules them all, 24 different effects packed in a huge 6" shell that delivers eye-popping, head busting color and sound, this shell is the gold standard of large artillery shells.

Heavy Metal 6"

Item#: RL143
Packed: 3 boxes of 24 shells
Size: 29.5"x9"x6.75"
Take a ride on this Heavy Metal! 4 different effects and maximum load of Ring Shell, Jet Whistle Tail, 2 Leval Color Mine, and Silver Swirling Tail. Fully loaded 24 shot kit ready to rock!

King Of Rings

Item#: RL135
Packed: 12 boxes per case
Size: 13.7"x7.5"x5.5"
Big six-inch canister shells break into six different effect ring shells; awesome!

M-80 Pro 5" Artillery

Item# RL107
Packed: 12 Boxes of 6 shots each
Size: 18"x6.25"x5.5"
All new for 2021; M-80 Pro 5" Artillery 6 hard hitting fully loaded 60 gram shell w/six spectacular effects. 

Make It Pop

Item#: RL130
Packed: 4 Boxes of 12 shots each
Size: 19.75"x13.75"x5.5"
Twelve 6" canister shells of halo breaks or whistling tails.

Neon Booster

Item#: RL122
Packed: 4 Units
Size: 28.9"x8.6"x6.1"
These 24 assorted neon breaks that fill the night sky with awesome effects that will be the highlight of your display.


There is no illusion with Smoke and Mirrors. Each box has three kits of six canister shells which are manufactured using newly developed techniques. You will see golden willows, cracking flowers, time delayed crackling, colorful bouquets, colored stars, flying fish, glitter, and multicolored scrambling comets. 18 big breaks.

Air Show (Bag)

Twelve 1.75" assorted shells that give a big time break for a small time price, a Cherry Bomb exclusive item.

Super Balls

Item#: RL108P
Packed: 24 per case
Size: 14"x5.5"x4"
12 One and one half inch assorted shells with color and report.

Cherry Bomb 12 Shot

This is it! The original Cherry Bomb 12 shot artillery shell, the best selling 12 shot box on the market today. Each box contains 2 each of peony, chrysanthemum, palm tree, dahlia, willow, and brocade. Like our motto says "The Best".

Color Changing Artillery

The 12-shells catch your attention with hard breaks and keep you guessing when the initial color burst changes into another color right before your eyes.

Eagle Eyes

All new from Hot Fireworks Complex, powerful 1.75" shells with assorted effects, color changing, half&half color, ringshell and others, you get 60 gram effects in a smaller, more affordable package.

Festival Ball 6 Shot

Classic artillery shell action with a new formulation. One-inch canisters have all the bang of the originals, with smaller packaging for a higher value.

Mad Bombs

Item#: RL117
Packed: 6 per case
12 Shots 6 different effects with a firey tiger tail!