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Larger Fountains

Pop N' Crackle

Packed: 12 per case
Big beautiful red stars w/white glitter, yellow star w/golden silver chrysanthemum, to blue stars and silver needles.

Red Swarm

Item#: FT651
Packed: 12 per case
Size: 6.5"x6.5"x6.5"
Silver chrysanthemum w/red, crackle, with red and a finale with a swarm of surprising red ground blooms.

Keep Calm & Light It

Item#: FT627
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 7.75"x 11.75"
Keep calm and get your fireworks fix with this long lasting fountain featuring beautiful gold spray and vibrant red, green, blue, and yellow stars followed by beautiful white strobes, white silk flowers, and intense crackling finale!

Bees In A Thicket

Lighting this beehive of a fountain stirs up a cloud of buzzing angry bees. Colorful moving stars make for a wonderful representation of swarming bees. Colorful moving stars make for a wonderful representation of swarming flying insects with sounds to match. Ends with an eruption of multicolored fat little bumblebees.

Blue Me Away

For blues lovers this fountain is rich with all kinds of crackle effects, and loads of little blue stars. 

Eye Opener

Packed:4 pieces
A beautiful long lasting fountain for those that enjoy color and crackle. Progresses through various combinations of red, lemon, blue, green, and gold as it builds to a crescendo of crackling chrysanthemum and fast flying sparks.

Flaming Orbit

Packed:12 pieces
Get ready for a surprise as a spray of silver chrysanthemums and an intense burst of crackle make way for massive silver thrusters with red and blue torches that spin this entire fountain and send sparks flying everywhere! Don't miss the incredible and unique spinning action! Be sure to light this one on a flat surface and back away to watch it spin!

Go With The Throw

Packed:12 pieces
What a catch!This football shaped fountain tosses up a lot of sporty colors in red, gold, blue, green, peach, and silver in a dazzling array of effects such as horse tail, spider silk, and strobe. This fountain scores!

House On Fire

Silver crackling with lemon pearls and white chrysanthemum, then crackling red, green, and blue pearls, then crackling flowers.

Lucky Star

Your lucky star is full of silver flowers with red and blue pearls with gold flowers. Silver chrysanthemum with red and green pearls. Silver chrysanthemum , red, green, blue pearls with flying fish. Red and green pearls with titanium crackling.

Magenta Frost

The summer heat cannot fade the memory of the last frost of winter, the iridescent northern light shimmering across the cold night sky. Tonight, bring back that last cool, crackling evening with flashes of silvery gold, icy blues, and rosy red hues.

That's Crazy

Packed:12 pieces
A Crazy combo of straight up and fanned shots our fountain plumes entertain with color, crackle, and sparks. Perfect pairing of blues with golds, yellow and reds, and streams of golden silk. Crackling chrysanthemum and whistle make things a little crazy at times!