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Large 500 Gram

Ultimate Fighter

Packed:4 per case
Non-stop shooting up with color strobe mine and chrysanthemum mine, great breaking brocade crown w/red and green strobe. Very powerful!

Aerial Assault

 A volley display of crackling mine to crackling. Chrysanthemum mines, fills the sky and your eardrums! 

Air Cracker

Item#:MT238 Air Cracker
Packed: 2 per case
Size:9-7/16" x 9-7/16" x 8-7/8" (H)
A fully loaded 500 gram 25 shot super cake with plenty of get up and go. Five rows of five shots crack the air with wave after wave of extra loud crackle mines to colorful aerial bursts in blue, red, white, green, yellow and gold.

American Select

Selected for you...quickned shots of red tails to red bouquet,silver tails, to silver bouquet and blue tails to blue stars. Then green tails to red, white and blue and whistling tails to crackling flowers.40 great shots.

Art Attack

Make a splash with carmine and blue, yellow, and green dahlia with silver glitter, then red, yellow, purple, blue and pink stars eith green glitter followed by three shots of brocade with red glitter and then three shots of brocade with crackling. 30 Shots.

Baby Boomer

A 16 shot item from Brothers. A spectacular display of crackling and crackling flowers & reports, this baby's got the boom!

Barn Burner

Packed:4 Pieces
Loud and spectular tri-gold willow breaks to blur willows and reports.

Beach Blast

Packed:4 pieces
Giant and long lasting ti-gold willows w/neon colors of cyan, pink, grass-green, blue, brilliant shining silver strobes and LOUD reports. This is a real blast!

Big Time

Item#: MT223
Blood red and white glitter mine , blue dahlia, green glitter, purple, green coconut, lemon yellow, gold glitter. 25 Shots.

Blond Joke

Item#: MT963
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 10.5"x10.5"x7.8"
Alternating crackling tails, red crackling stars, green and blue bouquets and a twelve shot finale. 36 total shots.

Bold Colors

Bold red, white & blue pearls & glitter w/brocade, & a four-shot brocade finale. 20 shots 


Packed: 4 Pieces
Thundering red, green, and blue stars with chrysanthemums. Roaring purple, orange and blue stars with green glitter. Blasting quickened shots of red tails to titanium willows and green falling leaves with blue stars. A booming three shot finale of red, green, and blue stars whit chrysanthemums . 30 Shots.

Captain Sam

30 Shots that parachute to earth carrying American flags in trails of purple, blue, yellow and green smoke. Six shot finale. 30 SHOTS Note: This item is for daytime use.


Chef's Kiss

Item#: MT255
Packed:4 Per Case
12 Hard-hitting shots and huge breaks of gold titanium willow w/neon color dahlia, gold and silver palm w/red lace, silver strobe willow w/gold lace, & crackling w/blue stars.

Costume Party

Item#: MT984
Packed:4 Pieces
Star mines to peonies, red, green, blue, purple, orange, and lemon. Ends with a six-shot finale. 36 Shots.

Danger Zone

Item#: MT266
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 6"x12.75"x10.5"
Hard-hitting gold willow mines erupt to huge gold willows w/blur or gold strobe, fabulous gold horsetails with blue tips, loud gold willows with crackling. 52 Shots.


Packed:4 Pieces
Tremendous and loud silver, green, purple palm with assorted peony. Huge breaks!

Disaster Masters

Packed:4 Pieces
This monster has 36 shots of heavy loaded loud breaks with colors, strobes, palms, and whistling. The finale is huge brocades with green strobes and crackling effects. Super Bad!


Packed: 4Pieces
Alternating crackling tails, red crackling stars, green and blue bouquets, ending with a big twelve shot finale. 36 total Shots.

Favorite Things

Item#: MT222
Packed: 4 per case
Some of our "Favorite Things" stars, willows, palms, and glitter; red stars to green stars, green stars to red stars, silver willows to red stars, silver willows to green stars. Ends with a four-shot finale of gold palms to silver glitter.16 Shots

Fight To Win

Packed:4 Pieces
Twelve shots of hard-hitting breaks, brocade tails rise up and burst to big gold willows to silver strobe, gold glittering w/blue & green strobe, brocade and chrysanthemums. This is a big shot for a little price!


Item#: MT903
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 10-1/4x10-1/4x9-7/8 in.
The Firefly will burst into action with red, silver bouquets and blue stars with crackling flowers. 16 SHOTS  

44 Magnum

Packed: 4 pieces
Size:18.9" x 9" x 6.9"
This 44 Magnum gives you one extra shot, 45 Shots of beautiful brocade mines that make way for blue and white strobe breaks with a breathtaking delayed red strobe. A brilliant display of red, white, and blue. All New effects in this fan favorite.

Fury Road

Packed:4 Pieces
Red, green, blue, purple, w/silver strobe or crackling, assorted colors w/red,yellow, or silver laces. Finale is a brocade w/crackling.

Glitter Bugs

Item#: MT269
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 9.8"x9.8"x9.8"
This 12 shot vertical shooter precedes each big aerial burst w/green glittering strobe, purple peony, and blue dahlia ascending star mines, turning the night sky into a brilliant display of colorful dancing fireflies.


Packed: 4 per case
HYPER SPACE is powered up and set to STUN! Gold tails lead to single or triple fanned bursts heavy on color and dotted with crackle and strobe! Red, yellow, blue, green, white, orange - it's a universe of color! 17 shots.

Ka Boom

Item#: MT264
Packed:4 pieces
10 Shots of hard-hitting florescent brocade crowns with red, white, and blue.

Larger Than Life

Item#: MT998
Packed:4 Pieces
Larger than life jumbo brocade with red glitter, blue stars and titanium flowers mines to red, green and silver palms and titanium flowers, then red palms with blue pistils and silver glitter, and red glittering willows with blue pistils. Ends with a three-shot finale of blue stars and titanium flowers mine to silver palms with titanium chrysanthemums. 21 Shots.

Live A Little

A 10 shot straight up aerial cake in red, silver, blue, and white with plenty of strobing and crackling effects. Guaranteed to make your day and make you smile.

Loan Shark

Item#: MT207
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 11.5"x 11.5"x 9.5"
Big golden palm w/white glitter pistil. carckling spider w/green glitter pistil, brocade crown king to chrysanthemum w/red glitter pistil. 9 2" shells give a wallop!

Make America Bright Again

Item#: MT276
Packed:4 Pieces
White glitter to red tiger tail to red palm w/crackling, whistling tail to red glitter dragon egg, green tiger tail to green palm w/crackling, whistling tail to green glitter dragon egg, big finale with winter white effects.

Neon Dreams

Relive the glow w/yellow and purple palms w/green, silver, or red glitter, then carmine stars with crackling and silver palms with red and green glitter. More yellow palms with red and green glitter, and red palms with crackling. Finally three shots of green palms with crackling. 30 Shots.

Neon Skies

Item#: MT289
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 15"x10.6"x8.8"
Take an intense trip as the sky fills w/vibrant fans of multi-colored neon mines and vivid multi-colored neon dahlia breaks followed by dramatic gold glitter stars. Awesome!

No Man's Land

Item#: MT293
Packed: 4 Pieces
Silver swirling tails and silver glittering mine to clubs, sea-blue stars and green dahlia with silver glitter, silver swirling tails and green glittering mine to purple, orange and sea-blue dahlia with green glitter, silver swirling tails and gold glittering mine to purple, green and sea-blue dahlia with gold glitter, silver swirling tails and red glittering mine to lemon, sea-blue stars and purple dahlia with red glitter. 24 Shots.

Patriotic Skies

Packed:4 Pieces
This 20 shot barrage is featrured in powerful gold willows, golden titanium willows, silver palms and neon colors. All shots have green glittering blue mines and shining gold tails.


Packed:3 Pieces
Pioneers from Hot, 50 shots of multi-color breaks with reports and whistles and a big finale.

Red Hot Deal

Item#: MT995
Packed:4 Pieces
It's red hot! With jumbo brocade to red stars and silver glitter and silver palms with blue pistils and silver glitter, blue palms with red glitter. Ends with a four shot finale of jombo brocade tails with titanium chrysanthemums. 16 Shots.

Red Velvet

Item#: MT278
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 15"x10.62"x8.87"
Live the life of luxury and clear the red carpet to make way for fans of brilliant brocade mines followed by gorgeous gold palms and decadent delayed red strobe stars. This one will leave your fans screaming for more! 25 big shots.

Saturday Night Special

Comets, comet tails to bouquets, gold & silver flying fish, spinners, whistling tails w/reports & comet tails to crackling bouquets. 36 shots

Show Of Force

A thunderous display of very large full powerful breaks which alternate between angled "V" patterns and straight up single shot shells. The 15 multi-color long hanging palm, brocade, and willow bombards work together as a team to exhibit the potency of this aerial force.

Super Imposing

Item#: MT294
Packed: 4 per case
Size:15"x 9.8"x 8.8"
Impose upon your friends' dark sky; red tails to gold spiders with red stars and green stars and silver glitter. Then silver tails to silver spiders with red stars, green stars and gold glitter. Ends with a 15-shot finale of titanium willows. 23 Shots

Two Minute Barrage

63 Shots that seem to go on forever! Peony, palm tree, waves, brocade, dahlia, and other effects ,performance you can see! 63 Exciting Shots.


Item#: MT250
Packed: 4 per case
42 Shots lasting one minute+, this action-packed barrage with bangs, colorful dahlias, strobes, stars, crackling, laces, whistling willows, falling leaves and waves, this one has it all!

War Thunder

Intensive sizzling tails rise up and breaks to various effects as willows, color pearls, brocade, strobes, dahlias, palms and crackling.

Wild Wolf

Item#: MT941
Packed: 4 per case
Size: 8.75"hx10"wx13.5"d

37 Shots of red strobe, green palm, crackling willow, green strobe, silver crackling chrysanthemums, brocade crown, blue star, and silver strobe. 40 seconds burn time.

Wind Up

36 Shots of red tails to multicolored pearls and silver or green glitter, or multicolored palms. And a six-shot finale of carmine pearls and crackling. Starts out at a good pace then winds up to a faster pace finale. Very exciting!