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Roman Candles

China 10

Classic 10-shot roman candle with the high quality and low cost.  Shoots a variety of color pearls.

Gimme 5

Size:17.5 x 3.5 (pack)
5 Assorted Candles, 1 gold pearls w/tail, 1 10 Ball Blue Thunder, 1 Whistling & Crackles, 1 10 Ball Crackling, 1 Red, White, & Blue Pearls.

Sunny Breaks

Item#: RC205
Packed: 24 packs of 4
Size: 19.75"x1"
5 Shots each of : 1. Red stars w/silver and green glitter, silver stars; 2. Lemon stars w/chrysanthemums, whistling and crackling; 3. Brocade w/green stars, whistle w/silver glitter; 4. Blue stars w/chrysanthemums, silver stars and whistling & crackling.

Thunder 10 Ball

Item#: RC260
Packed: 24 packs of 6
 Assorted report candles, red thunder, green thunder, blue thunder, yellow thunder, white thunder, crackling thunder